Thesis and course-work services provides services to students of all backgrounds, with many of our clients from non-English speaking families. We offer services to students at all levels of education from high school through to university postgraduates. We support students’ writing in many ways allowing our clients to develop their writing skills during the editing process. The levels of service we offer cover the full spectrum, ranging from a final proofread for typographical errors and presentation through to thorough critical analyses and editing of major theses for PhD candidates. produces finished documents ready for submission from drafts at all stages of completion.

Don’t let problems with English grammar and punctuation detract from the content of your assignment. Don’t allow the emphasis of your ideas to be lost through ineffectual use of English grammar. Provide yourself with more time to concentrate on the core of your project by employing to handle all of your proofreading and editing requirements while ensuring your document meets the highest of grammatical standards.
Many assessors of students’ assignments will give significantly less marks if the document is written in broken English. can edit students’ assignments to grammatical perfection, resulting in a document that the assessor can read smoothly and easily, which ultimately attracts a better mark. This also allows the conceptual content of the assignment to be marked on its merits, without the potential interference of incorrect grammar. Submitting an assignment that is already grammatically perfect allows the student’s ideas to be understood clearly and concisely by their assessor; their attention is not diverted by repeated correction of grammatical errors and the misuse of punctuation.
Have your ideas presented in the best context with student services, dedicated to boosting students’ marks through perfect editing and constructive critique.
• Proof reading
• Editing for English grammar
• Comprehensive editing including comments
• Editing with critique (simulated reviewer’s comments)
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