Resumé services provides resumé services at all levels. We can construct a personalised curriculum vitae (CV) from scratch, or restructure a CV such that it better suits the intended purpose; we help clients tailor their job applications to the advertised selection criteria, including application-specific cover letters. We can also provide professionally structured updates to an existing resumé, and enhance the presentation of it.

Most job advertisements receive hundreds of applications per day. Don’t have your CV knocked out in the first round due to unprofessional presentation. Don’t allow your skills to be overlooked because of ineffectual organisation of your CV. generates professional CVs tailored to the particular job that you are applying for, ensuring that the potential employer knows why they should employ you. provides clients with everything they need to apply for advertised jobs. You can just bring the job advertisement and your information to an interview and let us take care of the rest. We can also give advice on preparing for an interview as well as techniques to help you negotiate the interview itself. Let help you get the most out of yourself. Our experienced staff will show you how to put your best foot forward.
• CV update
• Edit and reformat an old resumé for a more professional appearance
• Construct a complete CV from scratch
• Meet selection criteria
• Tailored cover letters
• Job interview techniques
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