Manuscript services

As well as having published extensively in their particular fields of research, the senior editing staff at have collectively reviewed and edited hundreds of manuscripts that were subsequently submitted to journals, and successfully published. Thus, as we are journal-article editors with extensive experience, our team is able to offer a unique level of "pre-submission peer review simulation", to enable you to pre-empt the type of comments that would be given after submission by your journal’s chosen reviewers. provides a range of personalised services to assist in taking manuscripts from any level of completion through the initial submission process to publication.

We offer comprehensive English editing services ranging from grammar and punctuation corrections, to suggesting alternative and potentially more effective ways in which the author could structure and express their ideas. We can even facilitate the construction of a polished English manuscript based on as little as a data-set and your interpretations of it, should this be required.

Our incorporation of the "track-changes" editing application facilitates productive and targeted communication between the editor and client, allowing the author greater scope to work with their editor.

Avoid last-minute rushed edits, by utilising to edit your text while you finalise other aspects of your manuscript. Don’t risk the disappointment of publishing typographic errors and simple grammatical mistakes which are missed by simple spell checks and tired authors. Submit polished, grammatically correct manuscripts to your potential publishers by employing experienced and extensively published editors. can assist at any point during the construction of your document, from final proofreading prior to submission, to a peer-review-level quality summation of your document. We also offer services that facilitate the transformation of a set of raw experimental results from scratch through to the construction of your manuscript, and submission for publication. can take hold of your manuscript at any point to advance your output until you are happy to submit.

• Proof reading
• Edit for English grammar
• Comprehensive edit including comments
• Editing with critique (peer review comments)
• Combination packages available on request
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