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Effective writing is the foundation of good communication. Words shape both internal and external stakeholders’ perceptions of a company, profoundly affect the company’s profile, and can set you apart from your competitors. Just as good written communication can have a powerful positive impact on the success of a company, bad writing can similarly have a profoundly negative impact, both internally and externally.

For example, you may decide to circulate a revitalised mission-statement among your employees, to enhance motivation and promote a unified and enthusiastic common vision within the company. If the written expression of that statement contains errors, is overly clichéd, or is otherwise substandard in some way, it may well have the opposite effect. Employees will not take it seriously, or worse, may see it as a tangible demonstration of the incompetence of the company they work for; potentially demotivating them.

Another example relates to the product manuals accompanying generic products, which are notorious for often being so badly written and/or translated that they are of little to no use. It has been conclusively proven that this is one of the main reasons why a large percentage of consumers avoid cheaper generic alternatives, opting instead for a more expensive option, available from a long-established brand-name company. If the manual supplied with your product is substandard, the consumer will by association assume that the product is substandard, regardless of whether that is actually the case. Their line of thinking is evidently ‘If this company cannot even generate a good manual, how can they generate a good product?’ They are unlikely to recommend the product to anyone, regardless of how good the product itself actually is, and are unlikely to buy another of your products.

A third example relates to public projections of your company’s image via advertising and/or targeted promotions. Unless these are expertly and flawlessly worded, they are likely to have the opposite effect to that which was intended; fostering a lack of respect and trust, and steering potential clients away from your products or services, rather than towards them.

Thus, it is vital that any writing associated with your company be expertly and flawlessly constructed. Whether it is a business plan or strategy document, a product catalogue or user manual, or even a tweet or Facebook update, will ensure that it is written clearly, simply and correctly, and that it accurately conveys the intended message.

The services we have provided to the corporate sector include, but are not limited to the editing of:

Business plans and strategy documents
Annual reports
Tender documents
Newsletter articles
Corporate correspondence
Public relations copy and media releases
Product catalogues and advertising material
Product user manuals
Web content
Tweets and Facebook updates

Whatever your corporate needs may be, will work tirelessly with you to ensure that your corporate writing is logical, clear and grammatically correct, and that it is optimised for the intended audience and mode of delivery. No job is too large or too small, and we will negotiate with you to ensure that your editing needs are met, at a competitive rate.

• Proof reading
• Edit for English grammar
• Comprehensive edit including comments
• Combination packages available on request
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