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“A diverse and intuitive editing service focused on the academic sector”
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We offer comprehensive English editing services ranging from grammar and punctuation corrections, to suggesting alternative and potentially more effective ways in which the author could structure and express their ideas. We can even facilitate the construction of a polished English manuscript based on as little as a data-set and your interpretations of it, should this be required.
The difference between presentations that are well received and those that are not, does not lie in their conceptual content; it is dependent on perfect English expression, a logical flow of ideas, and flawless and consistent slide formatting.


Don’t let problems with English grammar and punctuation detract from the content of your assignment or thesis. Don’t allow the emphasis of your ideas to be lost through ineffectual use of English grammar. Provide yourself with more time to concentrate on the core of your project by employing Everyedit.com to handle all of your proofreading and editing requirements while ensuring your document meets the highest of grammatical standards.
Everyedit.com provides resumé services at all levels. We can construct a personalised curriculum vitae (CV) from scratch, or restructure a CV such that it better suits the intended purpose; we help clients tailor their job applications to the advertised selection criteria, including application-specific cover letters. We can also provide professionally structured updates to existing resumes and enhance their presentation.